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A Trip Back in Time in Ilocos

Posted by on 17. June 2009

I have been in Ilocos Sur for meetings and conventions during JPIA days and it was like stepping out of a time machine. It felt I was back in time as the place has old historic churches and bridges and then there’s the cobble stone streets in the center of Vigan complete with kalesa.  I really love that Vigan is such a heritage city in the sense that it has preserved its historical structures.  Old churches and bridges are really a sight to behold.  It felt like being back in time as you get to appreciate the olden architecture which is more intricate than current one.  You can also ride a kalesa along cobblestone paths to enjoy the experience further.

Funny how almost all town being named from Saints (San and Santa) – Santa Lucia, Santa Maria, San Juan and one town ran out of Saints and is just called Santa. This was a common joke in Vigan as most of the town here are named after saints.  Of course, aside from a view of history, there’s also the fine white sand beaches in Vigan.  Vigan is truly blessed of being a heritage city with one of the better beaches.   Vigan is also a place for outdoor fun as you can hit the beaches and enjoy the waters and the scenic sunset.  One thing I noticed here though is that the streets are empty at early at night time.

Among my favorite foods are from Vigan.  They have the Vigan Longanisa which I can gobble up a dozen in one meal.  Bagnet, which I really like because of the more crispier than crispy pata presentation and it taste real good with bagoong.  Then there’s Kalamay that’s good for dessert and comes in small packages so you won’t over indulge. Of course, they also have the chichacorn which comes in different flavors and are really good for snacks.  There you go 4 of my favorite food can be found in Vigan.

Then I’m just 50% of Ilocos. I’ll have my time up North but for now I’ll have to settle for a trip back to time in Ilocos. I really would want to go back to Vigan not only for a trip back to time but a time to appreciate again the wonderful town and its old school wonders. It would really be nice to explore all the old churches again and ride the Kalesa in an ancient backdrop.  I’d also want to explore Ilocos Norte and experience the wonders there like Pagudpod, Sand Dunes, Balwarte, Windmills and many more.

46 Responses to A Trip Back in Time in Ilocos

  1. Ed Escueta

    How I wish I could have a trip back in time too! XD

  2. dimaks

    No wonder, Ilocos is one of the top destinations for travelers, local or foreign alike. Well, even locals from its neighboring regions do come back for so many great reasons.

  3. itin

    Ilocos has been my all-time favorite domestic tourist spot I want to visit soon. The place is nostalgic.

  4. Fred Hawson (@3xhcch)

    Interesting bit about the town just called Santa. Haha! Ran out of names…

  5. special education philippines

    I have an photo with the same background and the same lighting taken during our Ilocos trip when I was still in college. Brings back memories…

  6. Mishrav.Mikura

    I don’t know why but I really really want Ilocos to be my first out-of-town trip, either with friends or on my own. I feel like it would be a soul-searching experience plus satisfying my love for cultural heritage.

  7. Kai Sensei

    I’ve never been to Ilocos but I’ve always wanted to go there. It looks like a great place to be more appreciative of our heritage and culture. I wanna visit the beach there.. it looks awesome! Hopefully, my next vacation spot will be Vigan.

  8. Arman Barbuco

    I love going to Ilocos, I’ve been there once and I truly enjoyed it even though I was having a stomach upset. From Baguio going to Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpud. I need to go back to capture the great scenery and architecture of Ilocos…..

  9. Ruth

    I love, love Ilocos! It is one of the best places I recommend to my foreigner friends – although the travel is such a pain – I cannot imagine 8 hours on the road. Glad there is now flights to Ilocos. The Calle Crisologo is such a beauty and the taste of the Pinakbet Pizza is something I always crave for 😉

  10. Kero Pinkihan (@Kero_P)

    I love Ilocos delicacy! I still have to visit Vigan but people there are great cook! I had bagnet and kalamay courtesy of our then brother-in-law. thank you for sharing!

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