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A Peek of Dawn

Posted by on 12. December 2008

After all the dark days and all those hard works that came months ago… I can take a peek and somehow see a ray of sunshine upcoming… but with my luck, it could revert to those hard times… My fingers are crossed…

Funny thing today that after all the work, I did catch up with the Company Christmas Party… and though it seemed like eternity… I got my 5 years service award… and to add the thrill to the award… when I didn’t like the one handing the award… I had to pull our CEO to make the award himself to me… Hehe… I could be stubbornly crazy at times…

Almost done with the funding activity that brought about so much stress the past few months (that’s an understatement)… but I guess it’s all charge to experience… I just hope no more surprises will pop up though there’s still some road block but I just want to stay positive… too much skepticism already for me…

As I said it’s just a peek of dawn… but I’d rather have a peek than darkness forever… at this time and age… you just have to take all the blessings you have even if it’s just those little things… lots of luck to me… =>

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