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1 Wisdom Tooth Less

Posted by on 23. May 2009

Unfortnately my sweet tooth taste had the better of one of my wisdom tooth and it would have been better to have it removed… The first question I asked my dentist was…

“If you take away my wisdom tooth, will I be dumb?”

Half meant and pure joke… haha… Well, had grown my wisdom tooth early during high school and now, 1 have I less wisdom tooth… Ok, I think I’m not dumber one level but one thing for sure it’s still a bit sore… after the anesthesia has worn out… It also was ages when I last had a tooth removed… So I really forgot how’s the process of extracting a tooth…

Anyway, after the procedure, my question was…

“Can I eat Ice Cream?”

Haha… I got a yes answer… I always associated a visit with the dentist with a subsequent visit at the ice cream parlor… I think we still did have the Coney Island Ice Cream in Session Road when I was a kid… Unfortunately, the rest of the solid foof, I have to skip for the next 24 hours or I can just chew rabbit style (with my 2 front teeth)… Maybe it could start me on a diet course… hehe… =>

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