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1 Down

Posted by on 17. February 2009

Of all the problems I have to deal with, I can safely say that I can leave one issue to rest as I was able to finalize the call for the funds yesterday… and late as it was, it was one tasked done and at least, I’m just down to the wait for the disbursement soon…

Of course, it’s just one of the so many things to accomplish but considering that this was almost one year in the making… it’s such a big relief… and it coincided with the scheduled lunch with our arranger today… For me, it’s a milestone completed as this project would figure prominently in my CV in the future…

Now, am home early as I take a short breather from all the tension… and I do hope that after this project, I won’t be in the speed dial of our CEO’s phone… Maybe a more normal irrelevant existence which I did crave in the middle of all the hard work… all the intense moment and the emotional ups and down along the way…

And tomorrow… It’ll be back to the chase to our improbable deadline… the least I can say is 1 down… though more to come… =>

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